These are my two rag dolls and their names are Aurora and Allegra. I bought these a few weeks ago and I think they are just adorable! Today I have dressed them in some outfits I bought recently. I went into the Sealife Centre at Great Yarmouth which is about 30 miles away from where we live. We were in Yarmouth for a day out and I just wanted to look at the shop part of the centre to see if by any chance they had any clothes that might fit my Orca Whale Orson. Unfortunately they didn't but I did find out that they do sell animals and have a small collection of outfits for them. Needless to say I bought a few - well ten to be precise and I must say I've been really pleased with the ones I have used so far. They worked out at £5 each so they were great value as well. I decided to buy the ladies a child's rocking chair and you can see that too in the photo. I was really pleased with the chair so intend to buy another for some of the other chaps in my collection.