This is a new addition to my Bear, Dinosaur and Animal family and her name is Flaming Moe - the Flamingo. She is one of the new animals that Build a Bear have released for the Zoorrific Collection that was launched on the 28th May 2010. I desperately wanted the Giraffe and the Flamingo so dragged Chris my husband in on the launch day which was also his birthday. I guess that was rather mean but I knew the giraffes would go quickly and they did and soon sold out. So I think I was justified in taking up a bit of his birthday for my Build a Bear collection - and I'm sure he didn't mind - well not much! Flaming Moe is wearing a new flamingo tee that came out at the same time as her and I've added some bright jeans and shoes. The only complaint I have is that Moe is very skinny in places and on reflection the trousers don't look that great but never mind.