When Art meets Music I finished making my Newfoundland ugly stick / it was carved from small white birch tree / it has the beer top shakers with a set of tambourine tin things and bells on the bottom / there is a shaker inside the boot / /on the stick there is a small 7 inch snare drum / and 7 inch cymbal / The green part is rope wrapped tightly around the stick, this is where you hold the stick On the top I carved a fisherman with sou’wester (Newfoundland rain hat) on, after the drum and rope, I put a twist in the stick , then I carved a fish. It’s more of what one would call a rhythm stick. The rhythm to music is kept by bouncing the stick and keeping time on the drum and cymbal. Great for Newfoundland songs as most beats go 1 2 2 / 1 2 2 / 1 2 2