"The Captain's, XO's and Counselor's combadge transponders all read being outside the station. We can't get a transporter lock at this time." Cade gasped at the implications. The captain dead? She'd barely spoken three sentences to him. I never officially reported to him as being on board. Teldu. Their meeting would never happen now. Who could she share her fears with? S'ven? Her mind meld with him brought a rush of his memories flowing into her consciousness. "Oh God!" she gasped lowly, "His father is probably on the way. I'll have to schedule a mind meld with him now!" She snapped the last fasteners in place and strapped on the bulky helmet. She grabbed her soggy medkit then lowered the faceplate of the environment suit. She adjusted a few red and blue levers that controlled the temperature and environment and spoke to the ship via the suits commlink. "Doctor Faison here. Ready to beam over!" She saw herself becoming a bright silver shimmer as her molecules were disassembled. The wreck of the greenway and the bright artificial sunlight disappeared. Suddenly she found herself plunged into darkness as she materialized into a scene straight from Dante's inferno. Bodies lying everywhere. Pieces of bodies. She looked at the darkness of deep space in holes where a light force field kept the vacuum at bay too late for the captain and the others who were too near the collapse of the bulkheads.